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Today me and my girlfriend went to Schinveld, and the forest where the Leiffartshof used to be (the area that Carach Angren’s entire first album “Lammendam” is about), and we had sex in that forest.

If you have someone,
someone to have, someone to hold.
Don’t trade it for silver,
don’t trade it for gold.
Cause I have all of lifes treasures,
and they’re fine and they’re good.
They remind me that houses are just made of wood.
What makes a house grand,
it aint the roof or the doors.
If there’s love in the house,
it’s a palace for sure.
Without love, it aint nothing but a house.
A house where nobody lives.

Tom Waits, House Where Nobody Lives (via blackened—lungs)


Me and Manola after Finsterforst. Waiting for Trollfest now!

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I don't speak Human

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be in The Netherlands at my boyfriend’s for a week. I’ll be too busy being with him so don’t expect many posts from me (though I might post something sometime).
We have tons of great plans and loads of beautiful places to see, so I will take a shit load of pictures. I can’t wait!



This is a real place called The Devil’s Pulpit in Scotland and I want to go.

Be still my heart.

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Sea Urchin House

(this is a cool thing my dad built)

Moon by Ulf Härstedt


im vrey sloopy



Embroidered arteries